• This is a list of readings for G.o.D. students. The link is given only to G.o.D. students.
  • Please read at least 3 or 4 of these for discussion in each G.o.D. session.
  • You must read them critically.
  • In your G.o.D. notebook, make an entry with the following information for each reading that you complete:
    • Serial # of the reading.
    • Full title.
    • Date you read it.
    • GeoComm treatment of it:
      • Make a list of key words from the reading.
      • Identify words/concepts that you did not understand, and write down their meanings using the online dictionary.
      • Make a list of specific geography concepts that you could identify in the reading.
      • Summarize each paragraph in one sentence. When these are read in sequence, we should be able to get a summary understanding of the reading.
    • Discussions of readings during G.o.D. sessions:
      • NO use of the word “like” as space-filler. You must fight this bad habit!
      • Give a very brief summary including the subject and the main points of the reading.
      • Describe what geography you learned. These must be specific geography concepts and connections.
      • Speak about:
        • The strengths and weaknesses of what you read.
        • What is related to the reading, but has not been mentioned in it.
        • The additional perspectives you bring to the content of your reading.
      • You have all done this at various times before, so you should be able to do this quite easily. Of course, I will help when needed.

Note: All links open in a new tab. Please report any broken links to me at balachandran@tigs.in

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