Manya’s interest in geographic details of events and things around, and her ability to see the interconnectedness of things has grown. Geography related matters keep coming up in our daily conversations. Yes, I would suggest it to those keen on broadening their geography world. In an everyday approach, opposed to a text book, compartmentalised approach. Seeing how this learning affects us all in our daily lives and how we are connected inextricably in that web. I would recommend G.o.D. to those children who would like their interests to lead them to discoveries in geography that they might not have imagined before. Making the learning journey exciting for them.

— Smt. Mrnalini, Manya’s parent

Objectivity, Heightened Curiosity, Enigmatic listening skills!!!! Yes! Why not? Child gets a Mentor for life! Parents get a glimpse of Guru Sishya parampara!

— Smt. Shakkthi, Sarah’s parent

There is a growing confidence in discussions; There is easing into conversations with adults; Small but definite movement in assimilating of current events; Broadening of exposure and connections being made across various disciplines. Yes, we will recommend. At this point, we see a certain set of basic transferable skills (broadening interests, exploring connections, current events) that the child is gaining including psychological well-being.

— Smt. Ganga, Medha’s parent (Medha enrolled in G.o.D. in 2020)

We have observed changes in Pranav. He has become much more observant and discusses a variety of topics with us. A sense of depth in all things he does and conveys is very noticeable. Yes we now discuss more common topics ranging from world economy to household economy. He seems more interested in these kinds of topics which previously he wasn’t keen on discussing. He also maintains time and stick to his words. Yes, would definitely recommend G.o.D. to others. These sessions act as an eye opener and helps Pranav learn to look at things around him with a more holistic view not restricted to academics but to non-academic aspect of life.

— Sri Sivashankar, Pranav’s parent

Yes, Kanishk has come into his own.

Our interactions are now peppered with his valuable insights and thoughts.

In fact, he initiates discussion on topics that he has found interesting during the G.o.D. sessions – especially, things related to Climate Change I definitely see Kanishk pay more attention to things around; he is able to make connections; basically, our awareness is more tuned to things that we see are directly affecting us.

From this to being able to see how something that happens miles away is affecting our environment, for instance – these kind of things, I feel Kanishk is better able to do.

Secondly, the IGYS [International Geography Youth Summit]  has been a great platform for learning in multiple ways – in terms of content, taking responsibilities, reaching out and interacting with others and so one. This has been immensely valuable. From someone who was … shy and uncertain, he is more confident and outgoing – this, I think is largely due to the interactions enabled through the G.o.D. sessions. There is a lot of learning that has happened when preparing for projects and also helping with the Conference as well.

The Muttuswami Dikshitar Project is another learning experience that I feel has pushed Kanishk’s boundaries. It has helped him look at a subject that he normally is not interested much in, but still linger on and see what he can learn and contribute.

I would recommend G.o.D. to anyone looking for a holistic approach to learning geography, for their child. Yes, this I would say is beyond Geography. It is valuable for children to know about what is happening around them, to be more aware and more responsible.

— Smt. Jyothi, Kanishk’s parent

Yes. His Geography knowledge seems to have considerably improved. Yes, our conversations have become more interesting, especially with regard to aspects pertaining to geographical concepts like S.W. and N.E. monsoons, weather, climate, tectonic movements, etc. Yes, I would recommend G.o.D. to other children because these sessions could redefine our perception of ‘Geography’ itself. It will help us see how we can see Geography in everything.

— Sri.Gokul, Kanishk’s parent


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