Spoorthy B (10th Standard), Deekshitha K. (9th Standard), and Udhay G. (9th Standard)

Swamy Vivekananda Rural English Medium School, Chandapura, Bengaluru

With the increasing population, managing the garbage has become a major problem in our country both in the rural as well as urban areas. Our study aims to delve deeper into this issue. We plan to begin by understanding the existing system of garbage management in different locations within our neighborhood. By different locations, we mean residential, market and slums. Further we also would like to propose some solutions for effective garbage management and look into the possibilities of how students like us can get involved in the matter.

We know by general observation from our locality that in the case of an inefficient garbage management, not only the people but animals also suffer from serious health issues. We know of cases of animals like dogs and cows in search of food ending up eating plastic waste dumped on the roads leading to their death.

The method of disposing the garbage is also a major concern in our study as we realize it is also important. Simple dumping of certain waste pollutes the soil while burning of waste creates air pollution. It is thus necessary to find a better way.

As a part of contributing to solving the issue, we intend to work towards creating awareness among the people about garbage management in terms of segregating the waste, to make a square shaped closed box type area where people can throw their garbage and also converse with the municipal authorities to initiate an efficient management system.


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