Ritika Menon, Yashaswini Ramesh, and Krishna Kaushal Sreedharan

Class 9, Army Public School, K Kamaraj Road, Bengaluru

We define a positive environment in classrooms as:

  • interaction between teachers and students is encouraged
  • an atmosphere where a student can thrive and stay motivated to learn
  • when the surroundings are peaceful, calm, hygienic, clean and disciplined

A negative environment is not only the absence of a positive environment but also the presence of

  • disputes among students
  • unpleasant classroom surroundings
  • favoritism by teachers

Our research led us to conduct a case study of a former classmate, and a teacher to understand our topic better. We realized that the student had a wrong idea about what a positive environment really is. A negative environment had a significantly negative effect on him.

As citizen geographers, we put up positive posters and thought on soft boards in classrooms.



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