Pavan Kumar H. D. (Class 10), Aashieka Sandeep Oza (Class 8), and Vedhasri K.P. (Class 9)

ACTS Secondary School, Bengaluru

Traditionally, many crops have been cultivated in the Karnataka, e.g.: rice, wheat, millets , ragi etc. Now, due to climatic changes and changes in the lifestyle of the people, farming has turned to be a risky business. 

In Basapura, and Hosaroad areas of Bengaluru,  we found out problems faced by farmers in this locality (primary research). Some have stopped agriculture and turned towards other occupations. Some others who are continuing with farming are facing huge losses. We found out some causes for these:

  1. Depletion of  ground water table.
  2. Shortage of rainfall.
  3. Farmers are unaware of government policies.
  4. Farmers are unaware of technological farming.
  5. Hike in the land prices due to the connectivity of  the land to Electronic City, Health City etc.

We found out some solutions to this problems.

  1. Creating awareness in farmers about the policies launched by government, nationally  and internationally. (Giving contact details about agricultural departments in municipalities, corporations, sustainable agriculture educational directory).
  2. Explaining the importance of local crops.
  3. Encouraging them to attend free computer education programmes launched by the government.

We did this by distributing pamphlets and interacting with them .

For our background understanding, we accessed secondary information sources about artificial rain, cloud seeding techniques, etc. We also interviewed a professor from an agricultural university in Kerala.

We believe that farmers can also be  successful entrepreneurs if they use these kinds of resources.

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