Arshiya A., Hemitha K. J., and Ananya P. Shetty

Class 9, ACTS Secondary School, Bengaluru

Garbage is termed as people’s hate because we don’t like the smelly, dirty garbage ruining the serenity and beauty of our homes and locality. So, how do we sort them out? Very easy, we dump them in any place which is vacant and that is the reason why Bengaluru is now called ‘garbage city’, though it was formerly called the ‘garden city.’
Though, a lot of awareness has been created regarding organic and inorganic waste, much more is needed.

We as students stand here today to suggest a few ways which can reduce this problem to some extent. We have tried to link ourselves to Bengaluru’s city government, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) workers and are working towards segregation of waste.

We researched waste accumulation at Beretana Agrahara, Hosa Road, near our school. Initially, we found that waste was accumulated in this area without segregation creating foul smell, attracting flies that could spread diseases, and  causing difficulties to residents.

We went door to door and spoke to people about how to clear this problem. Everybody blamed the BBMP rather than make any effort to solve the problem. So, we distributed posters creating awareness among the people about segregating waste.

We have also registered a complaint and requested the concerned BBMP officials to regularly collect the garbage. We have put in a small effort to solve the problem, but we still have a longway to go.

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