Harshad, Maaz, and Mubarak

Grade 9 Citizens’ English School, Bengaluru

Our school is located in the very heart of the city near Tannery Road and most of our class windows face the road.

We all are well aware that with the increase in the number of people and vehicles, Bengaluru is firefighting its current traffic situation. Tannery Road does not weave a different story and is buzzing with vehicles throughout the day, moving at the slowest pace.

Narrow roads, no proper signals, and no traffic policemen to manage the traffic are what we notice to be the main cause of the traffic situation here because of which the drivers feel frustrated and hence honk in protest.

We have noticed that our teacher has to raise her voice to make herself audible and has to constantly seek our attention because we get easily distracted by all the noise from the road.

My friends and I decided to do a survey to count the number of times drivers honk at the signal near our school and the number of times each driver honks to get past the traffic. We also measured the sound level at each signal to gauge whether is above the average permissible sound limit.

Our school is not the only school facing this issue and we realized that the students from the other schools face similar problems.

Hence we recommend that the officials make a stretch of the road 100 meters before and after the signal near our school a NO HONKING ZONE.

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