Mrinalini Sekar

 Creative Movement Facilitator, Madurai.

We move about, conducting our daily lives in a part of our geographic space. Geographers call this space activity space. This movement is not just routine. There is a lot more to it.

Through the physical medium of everyday movement of our bodies like walking, sitting, doing, in this workshop we shall explore:

  • Our daily physical movement patterns
  • Altering movement patterns to alter mindsets
  • Examining our habits and practices to understand ourselves
  • Emotions and how we carry them in our bodies
  • Learning to express freely in a constructive manner
  • Grace in everyday moving, translating towards graceful living

On the path of self discovery in an environment of music and movement, laced with laughter.

What to wear for this workshop:

  • No tight clothing.
  • Please wear loose clothing that allows free movement.
  • Avoid trailing wear such as dupattas, saris etc.

Capacity: 20 participants


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