The Power of Place

A 3-year certificate course for children
age 10+ of Cascade Family Learning Services, Chennai

to help them develop

Critical social science Knowledge, Understanding, and Skills
through Geography

This course is being revamped.  Details will be announced when ready.
The general information given here is still largely valid.


  • An empowered citizen of the world is well-informed in the social sciences as well as the natural sciences.
  • Such empowerment is vital for a future of social, environmental, and other forms of justice. This is needed everywhere.


  • Diverse topics covering issues of various regions of the world.
  • The Power of Place — how place matters in everything around us, and how to harness it for a better world.


  • Online and offline.
  • Research, writing, and other communications.
  • Regional studies

Starting date:

30 June 2020


  • Basic understanding of geography, maps, atlases.
  • Basic ability in English language.


  • Dr Chandra Shekhar Balachandran, Geographer, Founder & Director, The Institute of Geographical Studies.
  • Ms Vidya Shankar, Montessorian, Founder & Director, Cascade Family Learning Services.

Read a benediction by Dr Surinder Mohan Bhardwaj, Emeritus Professor, Geography, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio (USA)  (Link will open in a new tab)

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