Shaurya Singh, Sidhaesh Agarwal, and Maya Saldanha

Class 9, Mallya Aditi International School, Bengaluru

In this paper we will address a problem that every Bengalurean faces, traffic! We are all victims of this issue and have to suffer on a daily basis. The average citizen of Bengaluru spends one and a half hours per day, commuting from one place to another. That is 212 hours per year!

We conducted this study through primary and secondary research. We interviewed citizens of Bangalore who experience the harmful effects of traffic. We analysed the survey we conducted, with the help of graphs. We looked at the problem through the eyes of citizens who are victims, and from the point of the officials who have been assigned to deal with these issues. We also interviewed police officers who stand in the sun everyday, to try and keep our traffic flowing as smoothly as possible.

We interpret the data from the interviews and infer the causes and effects. We also use maps to pinpoint the exact locations and times that experience major traffic congestion. In addition, we discuss the causes and effects of traffic jams like bad infrastructure, poor planning of the city, the increase of IT population and insufficient public transport. This traffic causes pollution, time wastage and delays. We also consider some innovative solutions that other metropolitan cities like London, Hong Kong and Ahmedabad have adopted to deal with this menacing problem of traffic.


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