Manar Syed Asgar

Class 9, Vidyanjali Academy for Learning, Bangalore.

Child labour is a widespread problem in India. Thirty-three million children from 5 -14 years of age are engaged in child labour. (Source

Children need to live a life appropriate to their age getting education, play, and protection. However, in the case of many children, they become workers to support themselves and their families.

Through a case study of Jagan (name changed) aged 12 years who lives near my locality in Bengaluru.

I found out about Prakash’s background, what made him work at such an young age, difficulties he faces etc. He is the only person who earns in his family as he lost his father when he was 10-year-old and everybody depends on his earnings.

Child labourers are more in places where there is more need for such labourers such hotels, restaurants & eat-outs. They are more in suburban areas where the economic status of people is lower than the poverty level.

Jagan is an example of the geographies of migrant child labour. I spoke to his mother and his employer to make them aware about what constitution says on child labour. I have requested her to send him for night tuitions so that he could get a better job after completing his education.



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