Bhavana P, Aasiya Khatoon, and Pradeep Kumar.

8th Standard, Citizens’ English High school, Bengaluru

Plenty of men work as autorickshaw (or auto) drivers in our area- Tannery road. Many of their children are students. Many students at our school depend on autos for commuting to school.

We think it becomes easier for the students to access autos since these are widely available in the area. Also, we do not have a school bus.

Through this project, we wish to understand the needs of auto drivers and the commuting requirements of students of our school.

We are surveying students from 5th to 8th standards to find out the dependency of students on autos and their experience of it. We will discuss issues of timings, area and general experience of using autos to understand the role of autos in students’ lives.

We plan to interview the auto drivers to understand their needs and challenges – how they got into the profession and if the job helps  them for earn well. We will interview 7 drivers who transport school students and 3 drivers who earn outside the school trips.

Using our study we aim to help students and auto drivers to better understand each other’s challenges. We feel that this will help make the commuting experience better for both the drivers and the students.


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