This is roadside geography!

The kids in my neighborhood have been enjoying occasional geography workshops on Sunday afternoons. I conduct these usually on the roadside. The kids range from grades 2 to 7. One kid is probably in preschool, if that. He is 4 or 5.

This has become such a treat for me and for the kids.  Every week, as Sunday approaches, they ask for a workshop. I had been a little busy for a few weeks and couldn’t hold a workshop. They started getting very upset! And little Sameera had held his baby right palm out and demanded that I promise that there would be a workshop this Sunday (09 December 2012) and that I would make sure that I got him to join us!

So, today we played an atlas game. There was a bowl containing small strips of paper, folded tightly. Each had a place to find in the atlas and a question to answer. The kids picked one at a time and got to it.

We all had a great time!

Parents can get their kids and perhaps even their kids’ peers in the neighborhood and easily play this. Teachers can easily use this occasionally to break the pace of the textbook drudgery! 🙂

Here are pictures of today’s fun!

— Dr Chandra Shekhar Balachandran


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