Dateline: GeoVidyaa Geography Centre – Thiruneermalai, Shriram Matriculation School (SMS), Friday 15 November 2013.

Two batches of class 7 students of Shriram Matriculation School, 10 in each, assembled for a little fun with atlases. I don’t think they had thought of anything to do with geography — even less, atlases — could be fun!

We started off with what is an atlas, what is in it, and what does it tell us? Excellent answers all round. The warm-up was rapid. Then, we identified an hierarchy of places — continents, countries, and cities.

Then, we looked at physical maps (South America and Africa) and, using the color key on the map, we identified mountains, lowlands, and bodies of still water.

We had great fun trying to pronounce the names of countries and capitals! Spelling is not always a direct clue to pronunciation. Several bouts of giggling ensued.

One question: “If we want to see the atlas again, can we get it again?”

The happy answer?

“Just talk to your teacher. She will bring you to the GVGC so you can use the atlas. Try to keep looking through the atlas whenever you can.”

Soon, the answer will be “Whenever you want during the school day, just walk in and explore!”

Plans for the GVGC-T for 2nd term (from January 2014) include …

  1. Conducting all geography classes at the Centre.
  2. Local geography as the basis for study of physical and cultural geography for class 4 children.
    1. Mapping the school campus
    2. Climbing Thiruneermalai to understand scale, volcanic rocks, erosion, and stories of places (‘sthala-puraana’)
    3. GoogleEarth and other tools to examine satellite/aerial views of Thiruneermalai, SMS school, and local areas (and their homes)
  3. For more classes, developing similar local field work geography and relevant online geography tools to supplement their field work.
  4. Increasing availability of the space for children to explore on their own.

(Photocredits: Sri Anand, teacher, SMS)



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  1. It is really amazing. I wish to a volunteer for the 2nd term of GVGC-T, the contents set for the January session is the proper activities which i wish to learn and in future teach. In love with Geography 🙂

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