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GeoVidyaa Geography Centre – Bengaluru

GVGC-Bangalore was established in 2010, in collaboration with Army Public School (APS), Bangalore at their campus.  This is the first GVGC in India.

Located on the spacious premises of APS, GVGC-Bangalore is easily accessible to youngsters and adults alike by road and by metro rail.

Most TIGS activities in Bangalore are held here. Activities are scheduled and available to anyone. Here is a sample list of workshops offered. Other than workshops, we also offer other interactive activities (film screenings, illustrated talks, etc.)

The National Geography Youth Summit – 2014 was held here. School teachers, youth (school students, undergraduates, post-graduates), professional geographers, and others interested in geography attended this conference organized by a group of undergraduate students from S P College, Pune.

The next conference, International Geography Youth Summit -2016 will also be held here. Details will be published soon. So, register with TIGS, keep abreast of developments and plan to attend this important event for everyone.



After NGYS-2014


Latitude-longitude workshop in progress


Latitude-longitude workshop in progress


Latitude-longitude workshop in progress


Mapping the neighborhood


Mapping the neighborhood


Location of our GeoVidyaa Geography Centres (GVGC)

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