In collaboration with Dharani USA, Inc., Chicago

The Institute of Geographical Studies (TIGS) has been set up in response to the dire needs in geography education in India. This work needs innovative, creative, and meaningful approaches; the traditional methods do not meet the needs of 21st century citizens of India and the world. And this is exactly what we are about!

TIGS has set up several centres that act as hubs of innovative non-formal geography education. These are called GeoVidyaa Geography Centres (GVGC). The GVGCs aim to:

  • Provide meaningful, exciting, and relevant geography education for school students;
  • Empower school teachers of geography (and, indeed, any other subject) in content and pedagogy;
  • Help enlighten parents about what geography is, what geographers do, and how geography can lead to meaningful and exciting careers for children;
  • Help teachers, students, parents, and others build connections with each other; and
  • Get anyone who has a curious mind excited about the joys of discovering geography.

At the GVGCs, we engage with geography education at three levels:

  1. Curricular level – Engaging with what the curriculum wants you to learn,
  2. Co-Curricular level – Taking the curriculum a little further and exploring it in real life, and
  3. Extra-Curricular level – Exploring geography much beyond the curriculum and exploring geography without boundaries, making connections to life, etc.!

We have periodic activities at each GVGC geared towards students, parents, teachers, and anyone else interested in geography education. Details of our workshops are here in a downloadable PDF file.

If you would like to partner with us to develop a GVGC at your location, please contact us.

Location of our GeoVidyaa Geography Centres (GVGC)

In collaboration with Dharani USA, Inc., Chicago

Download a PDF containing details about selected workshops that TIGS offers for teachers, students, and others. For further details, please contact us.